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The legend of Robin Hood

A musical of French origin destined for Broadway or the West-End

« Locksley – The legend of Robin Hood»


A musical written to Anglo-Saxon standards. 40 players on stage, symphonic and pop rock music, from a book based on an original story, based on a rich historical context and charismatic characters.

A work with which many professionals have already fallen in love with. 

The creators of the work have charged group seven with the production of 6 high qualit tracks in accordance with a very demanding specification in order to amplify their oeuvre destined for Broadway or the West End. Consequently group seven has undertaken to recruit some of the finest performers and musicians within its network. This project is due for completion at the start of 2015.

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CASTAWAY HEART - Unknown Artist
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DARK LITANY - Unknown Artist
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DESPAIR - Unknown Artist
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DESTINY - Unknown Artist
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