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Rem Perry is a full-fledged artist: producer, arranger, musician, and DJ.

He began his career in the early 90s composing and arranging for artists, TV documentaries, and movies. From 2006 to 2016, Rem divided his time between Europe and Israel where he collaborated with well-known Israeli musicians and artists.

A typical Rem “sound & arrangement” is an emotional mix of gentle vocals and distinctive orchestral writing. Rem’s music has been described as “cinematic indie rock.” Lately, he has been concentrating more on the DJ side of his musical career. Rem’s latest gigs include performances at clubs and venues in Ibiza, Italy, and Luxembourg. A radio host since 2017, listeners can find Rem's House on Radio Roma Sud.

In 2017 the Group Seven artist released his first album, "A Glint in Our Eyes" in February 2017. A pure Electro House album, it is available on every digital platform.

As of 2018, Rem is represented by ROBA Music Publishing (Hamburg, DE) for their synch music library.

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