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Group Seven seeks to enlarge the scope of their activities to include musical publication and a reco

In line with its ambition to achieving excellence, Group Seven organised a two-day workshop on the themes of music publication and intellectual property. Amongst the participants was the composer, director and independent record label manager, Sébastien Hervé.

Sébastien is both an artiste (performing under the name of ‘Sewan’) and producer (HighSonics Productions). To guarantee freedom of choice for himself and to enable him to widen the scope of his activities, he has launched his own label and publishing house, Quercus Editions.

This event gave the opportunity for Sébastien to share his experience with Group Seven and discuss with them his vision of the French music industry in all its complexity. The workshop has allowed Group Seven to refine their thoughts regarding their position within the ecosystem of the music industry, both at home in France and abroad, and to envisage broadening their own sphere of expertise. In the medium term this opens up a pathway to develop a sector for legal advice and training for artistes with relation to the issues of publishing and intellectual property in order to help them make the correct decisions. And why not, eventually, to develop their own label?

Regarding Sébastien Hervé, you can listen to an extract of his latest composition at the link below:


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