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A meeting with the professionals from ROLLSTUDIO Luxembourg

Group Seven continues to reinforce its network. In this month of July 2016, our team met with representatives of ROLLSTUDIO Luxembourg, a key player in the Luxemburgish musical scene, in order to try and identify collaborative projects.

If Group Seven is a relative newcomer (active since 2014) ROLLSTUDIO Luxembourg, directed by Roland Kuhn, has been a well-known and respected player within the Grand Duchy for more than thirty years. They have a wide range of experience having put on shows covering various genres including classical, jazz, pop and traditional music. They work from within a rich national music scene but one which is very outward looking, developing notably activities in corporate music and with links to the film industry and media.

Amongst their renowned participants, with whom we were able to have discussions, we must mention Mike Butcher, British producer and favourite of ROLLSTUDIO who has worked with, amongst others, Marvin Gaye, Paul McCartney, Black Sabbath.

The meeting has enabled the identification of potential partnerships between the two structures and should lead to the development of potential joint projects in the short and medium term.

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