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Certification in Process Communication within Group Seven

Rémi Delekta is now a certified trainer in Process Communication©

Group Seven has just invested in a new competence. Rémi Delekta is now a qualified trainer in Process Communication©. So what is Process Communication© ? It’s a tool for personnel development aimed at increasing inter-personal skills. Created by Taibi Kahler and developed by NASA since the 70’s, this model is built upon self-awareness, the awareness of others and the management of social interactions. It can be applied in many situations in the field of management, sales and team building. More than 1 million people worldwide have been trained in Process Com©! More information can be found at

Armed with this new skill, Group Seven will be able to both develop its own client relations and to generate an even higher level of cooperation within its project teams. We can also propose training sessions in this skill to our clients in addition to our main areas of musical production.

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